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What is the true state of liberty in our society today? The most honest answer is, "it depends."

Whether along economic, social, or political lines, for a select few the freedom to do whatever one pleases is almost without limit. For most of us, however, freedoms are being eroded more and more with each passing day. As the newly appointed Executive Director, I need to know what you think the Massachusetts Libertarian Party can do to help reverse this trend. What does homegrown liberty look like to you?

Regardless of past political affiliations—independent, republican, democrat, or libertarian—as citizens we all know that our nation is capable of so much more. The desire to make America great again is real, but what makes America great is not one group having the authority to impose its will upon others. What makes America great is the balance of authority that protects liberty for everyone equally. Instead of a government that is the guardian of liberty, we have let it become the instrument of those in power. That is why I believe the Libertarian Party—the party of principle—is crucial to restoring liberty in Massachusetts and across the nation. By taking away the majority from both parities, we can become the fulcrum upon which balance is restored.

I first joined the Libertarian Party during Gary Johnson's 2016 campaign because he was the only candidate to speak the truth. By 2012 I had already left the party in which I was raised, and in 2014 I ran to get on the ballot as an independent in the largely uncontested reelection of Ed Markey to the US Senate. Having seen the devastation wrought by both establishment parties in Congress, I aspired for unaffiliated voters to become the voice of reason over the constant partisan bickering. Despite being the largest population in Massachusetts by far (54 percent), unenrolled voters are entirely without meaningful representation. Yet, without proper organizing, this disparate body of voters stands zero chance of being effective in a partisan system.

I firmly believe that the Libertarian Party can restore balance in government, but only if we can become bigger than ourselves. Where both establishment parties are shrinking, we must grow, and as with any construction project, we must begin with a solid foundation. Without a viable base, the Libertarian Party will remain no more than a footnote in Commonwealth politics. In 2016, over one hundred and thirty-six thousand Massachusetts voters cast a ballot for Johnson. If just ten percent of those voters supported the Massachusetts Libertarian Party, we would have enough resources to open an office, help local candidates, and begin preparations for statewide and federal elections.

To start this challenge we need our first two hundred active members. Will you answer the call? Massachusetts was once the bedrock of liberty, isn't it time we take the lead again?

Become a supporter today and let's show everyone what true homegrown liberty can look like.

I look forward to hearing your ideas, so please comment below or contact us to share your ideas.


Bruce Skarin
Executive Director

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  • Don Graham
    commented 2017-04-15 07:54:30 -0400
    Arthur -I think it’s great that you are involved locally with your town. One of our state committee’s objectives is to recruit and help libertarians get elected to local office. But to be honest, you seem to want to complain more than help build the Libertarian party. You accuse the LP of not complying with the ADA, but you do realize that the convention last year was held in a hotel conference center which did the event setup? Was there something specific that they didn’t do to help accommodate you, or are you more interested in just throwing out an accusation and then unsubscribing from the thread? You accuse National LP in forcing a candidate upon the delegates, but ignore the fact that even if true, it took 2 rounds of voting and an almost pathetic begging of Johnson to the delegates and Weld still only won with ELEVEN votes out of over 1000 delegates. So close to making real change and all you want to do is complain instead of doing something.

    The Libertarian Party needs everyone who wants to advance the cause of liberty – I believe we are at a defining moment where we can make a difference but we need everyone in the fight. Anyone who is interested should consider joining and find the nearest meet-up group to get involved. If there isn’t a meetup group near you, why not start one?
  • Arthur Torrey
    commented 2017-04-14 22:23:20 -0400
    Been on the State Committee….

    Lost track of how many National Conventions I’ve been a delegate to – and mostly come away more discouraged than I was before I went…. (And noted at at least three conventions how the LP can’t be bothered to comply w/ the ADA – which is CIVIL RIGHTS law, not a zoning code….)

    Been a Presidential Elector – and wouldn’t have been morally able to cast a vote for our candidate (another one pushed on us by NatCom)

    Refused to be an Elector this past cycle because I wouldn’t have been able to vote for Weld…

    Have held elected office – (however low Town Meeting Rep might be) for over 15 years…
    Currently, Vice-Chair Rules Committee, Vice-Chair Disability Commission, member of Cable Access, and Electronic Voting Committees

    I kind of think I’ve been involved, can’t say it’s done much good…

    But one gets tired of beating dead horses, so no, I’m not going to keep wasting my time and energy on a party that doesn’t keep the principles it claims, because it feels more expedient to do Republican Light….

    Unsubscribing from further time wasting….

  • Don Graham
    commented 2017-04-14 20:43:06 -0400
    Arthur if the LP is going the wrong direction then it’s going to take libertarians getting involved and do something. Nothing is going to change if we wait on others to do the work for us. And to be honest, complaining doesn’t help and it often discourages others.

    I didn’t like the weld nomination but instead of giving up on the LP I ran for a seat on our state committee, put in my time and money to start a state chapter of the LP radical caucus, and am involved in leading the charge to form regional meetup groups that will hopefully turn into LP party town and regional committees.

    Anyone that wants to help advance liberty, please consider joining via the information Bruce gave, and if you can volunteer just a couple hours each month that would really make a difference
  • Arthur Torrey
    commented 2017-04-14 18:39:49 -0400
    When the team is going the wrong direction, I don’t feel a need to help…. Weld got the nomination because of shenanigans and IMHO crooked dealing on the part of Natcom, particularly the last minute procedure change to keep the failed pres. candidates from being able to use their tokens for the VP race as had been done in every previous year. I know that I would have handled my tokens considerably differently if this had been announced ahead of time, instead of at the last minute….

    Just like the crooked photoshopping in the newsletter….

  • Don Graham
    commented 2017-04-14 17:40:30 -0400
    Arthur I don’t remember reading any such thing in a newsletter. But what you say is actually a good reason to get involved as Bruce’s post asks all who cherish liberty to do. How important is every voice in the liberty movement? Weld was only our VP candidate because of 11 votes – in our national convention with over 1000 delegates representing millions of libertarians across the United States – ELEVEN people tipped the nomination to Weld. Everyone can make a difference by getting involved.
  • Arthur Torrey
    commented 2017-04-14 17:09:33 -0400
    My recollection was that there was something in one of the recent state newsletters expressing a desire to have him be the nominee… This was AFTER Weld did his best to help Trump win, by making public speeches in favor of increased Victim Disarmament as the LIBERTARIAN VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE – (so much for his promise at NatCon to read the party platform and support it…)

    This is per reports, with links to the speeches in question, published by the NRA….

    While the NRA policy has always been to support D/R’s over other party candidates, we
    USED to have a reputation among the 2nd Amendment crowd as being supportive… If Weld hadn’t sabotaged us, we might have done better in that camp by picking up the 2nd Amendment people that didn’t like Trump – instead Weld chased them away…. (Sounds to me like a Republican Shill… Wonder what his payoff will be??? )

    While granted that ANYONE is better than Hillary, why do we need to keep pushing the R’s?

    I don’t hold Gary Johnson’s past R association against him, because he (mostly) ACTED as a libertarian while in office as governor… As one that lived in Mass while Weld was governor (and actually voted for him, THEN) I can’t think of ANYTHING he did as governor that I’d consider particularly libertarian….

    Johnson had credibility with me, at least until he dragged Weld out from under whatever rock he had been hidden under…. Weld doesn’t….
  • Don Graham
    commented 2017-04-14 16:43:12 -0400
    Arthur – who is the “we” that will be nominating Bill Weld for Senate? Anyone who gets the required ballot signatures can run under any party label they are registered in and now that we are a major party in MA, we are required to have primaries where registered Libertarians and Independents choose the candidate.
  • Don Graham
    commented 2017-04-14 16:37:22 -0400
    well said, Bruce. While I align with the “libertarian wing of the Libertarian party” I am willing to support any Libertarian that will help move us in the direction of “minimum government. maximum freedom”
  • Adrian Wasylyshyn
    commented 2017-04-14 12:06:21 -0400
    It’s important to remember that there are degrees within every political group, and that the MOST important thing we can do is unite around a set of general ideals; for a fledgling party, it isn’t productive to label others as Not Libertarian Enough, Too Far Left, Too Far Right, RINO, etc. when they’re showing or considering support for the Libertarian Party; it can turn off potential members by projecting the same sort of squabbling we’ve gotten so tired of.

    From what I’ve seen, there is significant variation within our party. A libertarian label is a general term, with variation (within certain limits), and that’s actually a strength in that it brings a diverse set of perspectives to the table.

    I most closely align with the Libertarian Party, which is why I’ve begun to support the movement, but I don’t consider myself a hard-core Libertarian, since there are some aspects of the platform I disagree with.

    That said, I’ll be supporting all libertarian candidates going forward, regardless of where they fall on the libertarian political spectrum. To me, it’s more important to see the party grow than to cherry-pick what I may not like about a particular candidate, within reason, of course.

  • Arthur Torrey
    commented 2017-04-13 22:34:04 -0400
    Bill Weld caused me to vote for Vermin Supreme, and my opposition being Photoshopped out doesn’t make me feel very interested or supportive….. I’m a libertarian, not a Republican Lite… Since I’ve heard we are going to be nominating Republican Gun-Grabber Weld for Senate – which will make me switch to un-enrolled… When we start running LIBERTARIANS for office, maybe I’ll be interested….
  • Michael McNeight
    commented 2017-04-13 19:32:57 -0400
    Healthcare proved this point. Now is the time. Frankly, I’m frighten by what I see in Boston. This state is tilting so far left we’ll be broke in 5 years. I’ll be addressing the “Student Bill of Rights” tomorrow with some of our state senators. I really have tried to reach out in a truly nonpartisan way. Nothing. I’m wearing my 2nd amendment shirt and probably be a little loud.