Local Groups, Local Issues

The Massachusetts LP has as one of its priorities this year to start up local groups all over the state, and I think that is a good thing. 


In order to become an effective party in the state so that we can challenge the duopoly in the statehouse, we must first build a foundation to lead from. That foundation is the local activist who can make the calls, write the letters, and show up to represent the libertarian view.

The local meetup groups that are currently being organized are a good first step in establishing the communities that the state LP needs. We are taking steps to start up groups in 6 regions, with the hope that these groups will attract interest so that additional groups will be formed. Ideally, at some point these groups will have support representing all of the towns and cities in Massachusetts.

Besides getting together to discuss what the state party is doing and to meet new acquaintances, these groups can also help with many of the tasks that the state party does. We are involved in events throughout the year and are always looking for volunteers to staff information booths. From writing articles for our newsletter, posting articles on our social media, and printing and send out mailings, there is no shortage of activities to volunteer for.

One of the most important thing that local groups can do is to focus on local issues. There have been recent events such as the town of Westminster shutting down a gun club due to noise complaints that local libertarians could get involved with. Issues are one of the most important ways where we can gain allies and supporters. Local issues also provide a training ground for people who may have not gotten involved with local politics before.

Local politics is also a good training ground for future state representatives and senators. The experience of working with others in an elected role can help build a resume to run for state office. The state LP is dedicated to supporting local candidates in municipal elections; I personally believe that for the immediate future our state party should focus more on getting local candidates elected than state, congressional, and presidential candidates.

There is a lot that local groups can do for the state LP as well as locally, but there is much work to be done. The meetup groups that are forming are the first step of many, and are also an opportunity for you to connect with other liberty minded individuals. I encourage you to find a group near you, and if there isn’t one then why not start one? Your state LP would be happy to help. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

In Liberty,

Don Graham

State LP Technology Director
MetroWest, North Central Meetup Groups Founder

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