Local Groups are Forming

Local libertarian groups in various stages of formation are springing up across the Commonwealth. These include the MetroWest group, which meets monthly at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson, and new groups in Boston, the Greater Worcester area, Cape Cod and the Islands, and the Franklin area. We are still looking for volunteers to start groups in other regions, including (but not restricted to) North Shore, South Shore, Lowell area, Fall River and New Bedford, and Western Massachusetts.

The purpose of the Libertarian Party is to promote liberty by supporting candidates for public office and publicizing the principles and goals of libertarianism. Local groups help by giving members a monthly venue for exchanging ideas, resources for recruiting and supporting viable candidates, and opportunities for conducting outreach at local events. 

State leadership will support local groups with speakers and a list of local members and prospects. We are generally following the National LP affiliate support committee guidelines for forming local groups at https://lpaction.org/forming-local-affiliate/ and https://lpaction.org/field-development/

Anyone interested in volunteering to lead, organize, or join a group should contact our Outreach Coordinator Jon Plante at 401-952-9152 or jon.plante@lpmass.org.


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