Libertarians Organize Ahead of November

Members of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts met in Westborough over the weekend to mobilize ahead of the presidential election. The Party of Principle, a moniker they’ve adopted in this tumultuous election cycle, saw one of its largest Massachusetts based conventions in years, with activists flocking to hear from big players in Libertarian circles and set goals for the future.

United behind what’s considered to be the most high profile ticket the Libertarians have fielded in their 44 year existence, spirits were high and optimistic, and for good reason. According to a September poll from WBUR, Gary Johnson, the former two term governor of New Mexico, currently hovers around 9% of the vote in Massachusetts. If Johnson’s numbers remain consistent into November, he will guarantee the party major party status for the next two years- something that the Massachusetts affiliate hasn’t had since 2010.

Furthermore, Massachusetts Libertarians announced they intend to field a complete slate for 2018, including a gubernatorial candidate. Speaking to the impassioned crowd, Daniel Fishman, the party’s political facilitator and the Northeastern regional director for the Johnson-Weld campaign, made it abundantly clear that this opportunity is a prime turning point for the small party. “We have a legitimate chance to win second place”, he told convention goers, “The [MassGOP] is fractured […] It’s no longer a party at all.”

David Blau, party treasurer and another long-time activist, echo’d Fishman’s enthusiasm for the future. “I’m very excited for the campaign. I’m very excited for after too. Win or lose, the campaign is over on the 8th and the party will carry on [come] the 9th.” Asked if he thought Johnson’s momentum and polling would give him the chance of making it into one of the two remaining debates, Blau remained skeptical. “The [CPD] is beholden to the two major parties.”, Blau said, “They have no self interest.”

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