The Massachusetts Libertarian position on immigration is not listed in our platform, but a related plank is "America should be a land of opportunity for every citizen. Massive expansions of the Federal Budget and Debt are strangling those opportunities. We need massive cuts in government spending or our grandchildren will be crushed by their grandparents' wasteful extravagance."

We believe that America was born of immigrants and that immigrants are vital to our nation's character today. Libertarians recognize that people of other countries desire to come to America for the freedoms and opportunities that it offers. We believe that liberty is a right that belongs not just to American citizens, but to all individuals.

Massachusetts Libertarians believe that government interferes with the opportunities of citizens and immigrants when it attempts to create laws to achieve equal outcome instead of equal opportunities. Immigrants have not and do not come to America for what others can provide them, but for the chance of what they can do for themselves.

Government has the responsibility to protect liberty for all - for the citizen who was born in America, for the immigrant who has become a citizen, and for the immigrant who will one day become a citizen. Libertarians believe that we should welcome and encourage immigrants who look to America as an opportunity for freedom.


The National LP position:

Libertarians believe that if someone is peaceful, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States.

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  • Adam Mitchell
    commented 2018-01-16 09:42:47 -0500
    Immigration can be fixed with the right people in place and the right motivation. At the moment the illegal immigrants have been afforded benefits that are meant to support American citizens and we can see the impact this has had on states like MA and CA. We can bring these individuals into American society by providing them a legal means to interact with the Federal government by requiring all illegal immigrants to obtain a TIN from the IRS and link this TIN to benefits they already have. Additionally we do need to have all citizens that are of voting age to register like the selective service and obtain a voter ID or more preferable a passport ID Card. The systems to make this change are already in place and what is required to make it happen is a clean legislative bill that is only for Immigration and Voting.

    With the illegal immigrants there will need to be a streamlined process for obtaining citizenship in the USA “to create a more perfect union” they will need to complete classwork in person at the various VA facilities to learn Civics, US History and English using Federal Common Core Standards. They will need to complete a test like our MA students do to prove their understanding and knowledge of the American system and only upon completion of their classwork and a proficient standard on their test which will be both oral and written will they be allowed to take the oath of citizenship. Upon taking the oath they will then receive their social security number and Voter ID/Passport ID and be eligible for Federal and State benefits, if an illegal immigrant refuses this process they will be deported and only then. Any and all illegal immigrants and future legal immigrants will need to complete this process in order to obtain legal citizenship.

    Citizens with a social security number will have no issue with obtaining an ID and because this will require an effort like the census we can begin to employ those persons needed to complete the process and roll them into the census of 2020. The first group that should be considered to fill these Federal positions are former military and to cut costs we can ask for volunteers throughout the VA system and to streamline the process there can be mobil units as well as units at all VA facilities. Citizens will be required to have their ID to vote in any and all elections and the process will need to be completed by the 2020 election as we now know there was massive voter fraud in multiple states (no finger pointing).

    This is a broad overview and the minutia will need to be ironed out but it is a clear path forward for all and is something we already to for native born American Citizens.

    Semper Fi
  • Howard Pearce
    commented 2017-06-24 12:48:03 -0400
    Many libertarians support what is called open borders – which essentially is based upon the view that public property is public to the world – what I consider a socialist view.

    The concept of public property has what I think are 2 possible views
    1) property owned by the state that it allows the public to use
    2) property owned by the public that the state manages for them

    The second is what most people have been taught to believe – maybe to just validate the concept; But I personally believe it is far more preferable to the first view of property owned by the state AND is more supportive of the concept of what public property is supposed to be.

    If you accept the 2nd definition as the more appropriate view as I do, then the concept of open borders falls apart as it allows the state ( which has ownership) to essentially claim anyone in the world has some ownership too or is allowed to use it – apart from citizens and guests.

    Open borders is a bad idea with a socialist premise about ownership of public property which will be dangerous to libertarian principles.