Gun Ownership


The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts platform on gun ownership is "Mindful of the rights clearly provided for in the Bill of Rights, the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts calls for the repeal of all Massachusetts permit laws and other restrictions on the right of law-abiding adults to keep and bear firearms and other weapons."

The Libertarian Party - the party of principle - is the only political party that unequivocally supports the second amendment in Massachusetts. We believe that individuals have an inherent right to possess  firearms, and that the restrictive laws of Massachusetts are an unjust burden and infringement of that right.

We believe that gun control proponents are misinformed and misguided in their attempts to prevent gun ownership in Massachusetts under the guise of public safety. Arbitrary limits such as magazine capacities restricted to 10 bullets and prohibition of cosmetic features such as rifle bayonet mounts do not make the public any safer. We believe that the "may issue" licensing requirement which varies from town to town prevent many law-abiding citizens from exercising a Constitutional right.

Libertarians support the repeal of firearm storage, licensing & permit, & assault weapons ban laws in Massachusetts. We oppose any attempt to maintain or add to the existing firearms laws, regulations, and mandates. 

National LP position:

Libertarians believe that every person has the right to arm themselves in self-defense.

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  • Nick Souza
    commented 2017-09-10 15:06:08 -0400
    Gun control and gun ownership is an issue I am constantly learning more about both from researching and listening to the opinions of my peers. I agree that “arbitrary magazine capacities” and “prohibition of cosmetic features do not make the public any safer”. That being said I believe requiring a license and prohibiting purchase of automatic weapons is not an unreasonable proposal. I believe the costs of licenses should be lowered and there should be as little bureaucracy involved as possible but I do feel safer in Massachusetts with the knowledge that you cannot legally obtain a gun without a license. In regards to assault weapons I think since you do not need a weapon like an assault rifle for self-defense the safest thing to do is prevent from being legally obtained.
  • Howard Pearce
    commented 2017-06-24 13:06:39 -0400
    One of the most puzzling problems is the actual right to own and bear arms versus the right to buy arms. I suspect “solving” this connection with a principle will solve many questions.

    I would add that one can promote the concept of a right to buy arms by realizing that if the state prohibits or bans writing instruments, it is violating freedom of the press too.

    There is a connection here that needs to be expanded upon.