Convention Report

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts held its annual convention on October 1, 2016, at the Doubletree Hotel in Westborough, MA. There were 110 attendees who came to participate in LAMA business, and hear from our featured speakers, which included Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of the national LP; Executive coaching and consultant, Larry Sharpe; investing consultant and Bitcoin Association founder Bruce Fenton; decorated Iraq War veteran, liberty activist, and talk show host, Adam Kokesh; Second Amendment supporter, Brent Carlton; Medical Cannabis advocate Nichole Snow; Lori Kenschaft, activist against mass incarceration; and Thomas Simmons, Libertarian candidate for the 1st congressional district.

Officer reports from our outgoing Chair, George Phillies, Treasurer David Blau, and Political Facilitator Dan Fishman were presented to the members in attendance. Then the agenda addressed several platform proposals, three of which were adopted.

The Platform proposals adopted by a two-­‐thirds majority were:

1) “The Libertarian Associated of Massachusetts calls for the federal government to discontinue governmental racism by eliminating all racial and ethnic questions and identifiers from census forms, license forms, permit forms, employment contracts, construction contracts, educational grants, research grands, and statistical surveys used an any and all forms of commerce and law.”

2) “The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts opposes the militarization of local police forces, and particularly opposes the consolidation of local and state police forces into a national police force of any sort.”

3) To replace the current platform statement on taxes with, “Libertarians support the repeal of the state’s sales and income taxes, and urge immediate pardoning of tax violators. We further support repeal of the withholding payroll system collected from worker’s wages, as it is involuntary servitude to force employers to serve as unpaid tax collectors.” The final order of LAMA business was the election of State Committee members. The elected members are:

Don Graham
Kristie Moruzzi
Susan Ruiz
Thomas Simmons
Justin O’Donnell
Ken Van Tassell

The 2016 LAMA Convention succeeded at presenting valuable ideas on liberty to our members and guests from both eminent speakers, and from each other. We succeeded in connecting our activists with potential allies outside libertarianism for specific issues pertaining to liberty in Massachusetts. The convention also succeeded in generating fundraising leads for our candidates. My impression is that most people had fun, learned something, and met new and interesting people. In this year of unprecedented opportunity for Libertarian visibility, it is now up to us to carry the momentum of this convention forward, with more candidates, more members, more fundraising, and more success.

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