LPMass Responds to Weld Seeking Republican Nom.

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Gov. Weld Seeks Republican Nomination, LPMass Responds



This morning, Former Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld announced an Exploratory Committee for seeking the Presidential Nomination of the Grand Old Party.  The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts offered a response this afternoon. LPMass Chairman Lyons said:


“As libertarians, we agree with many of the concerns that Governor Weld highlighted in his criticisms of the President, the Two Old Parties, and the nature of political discourse in general.  The Governor had been an ally of the Libertarian Party on these issues for the past three years, and longer in an unofficial capacity.

This morning, the strategy embraced by Governor Weld and the Libertarian Party diverged, but the Libertarian Party's purpose remains to reduce the threatening power of Government and to maximize the individual liberty to control one’s own destiny.  I wish the Governor the best of luck on his Republican excursion, and the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts thanks him for his time and contributions to our efforts.

I hope that while he is in the Republican Party he will continue to work to free the minds of those individuals he described as having “Stockholm Syndrome” with the incumbent, and that he will remind them that the “Party of Lincoln”, of Theodore Roosevelt, and of Ronald Reagan that once stood for Liberty, now primarily stands for divisiveness which conquers us all.  The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts will welcome all those who flee the Republican Party in protest of the direction of the new GOP regardless of the outcome of the elections.

Similarly, we would like to extend the same offer to disenfranchised Democrats who are now experiencing what the GOP went through in 2016- a crowded field of aristocrats whom are seeking to improve their own station in life by climbing the political ladder and our grandchildren will be the ones who inherit trillions of dollars of National Debt because of the Two-Party system that enables these radical demagogues to seize control of our future.

The Libertarian Party, as always, is here to remind voters there is a third way, a better way, and that our primary political position is to empower you, the individual, to make the choices that are best for you without interference from any Party, especially political parties.  If you believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, you should consider joining the Libertarian Party today. Together we will create a better tomorrow.


In Liberty,

Jeff Lyons

Chairman, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

LPMA Statement on the "Sanctuary State"

Libertarian Party of Massachusetts statement on amendment #1147 to S.4  05/24/2018

The Libertarian Party believes that every citizen has the right to associate with whomever they choose, regardless of where that person is born. That millions of Americans have chosen to do so attests to the fundamental value of freedom of association.

When a peaceful activity is made illegal by law, we oppose the law and do not consider violation of that law to be immoral. The amendment to the state budget to not expend state resources on enforcing misguided and cruel Federal mandates is morally sound.

The amendment is only controversial because fear of immigrants has been praised and encouraged in gullible voters in order to boost vote totals for Republican candidates. The economic benefits, low crime rates, and low use of public resources of immigrants, legal or not, are well documented by dispassionate analysts. But none of this matters for the false dichotomy that defines the mythical division between Democrats and Republicans.

Any effort to oppose the cruelty now being inflicted on decent people should be applauded. The federal government has destroyed peaceful and hard-working families by deporting their breadwinners and has ripped children from the arms of Central American mothers who are desperate for asylum from unfathomable violence.  Federal law says that these actions of Federal law enforcement agents are not crimes, but in reality, they are crimes against humanity. The efforts of Massachusetts legislators to refuse to abet this disgraceful campaign of terror is highly praiseworthy.

It is completely consistent with libertarianism to oppose a shameful police state devoted to the persecution of foreign-born persons who have done nothing wrong but who have had their peaceful behavior defined as criminal activity by unjust laws.

Dr. Greg Dennis and Ranked Choice Voting

Carla Howell addresses the LPMA Convention

Political Director of the Libertarian Party Carla Howell delivers the keynote address at the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Thomas Simmons statement on the Orlando Mass Shooting

Given the events in Las Vegas, we thought we would revist the statement following the Orlando Shooting of LPMA Congressional candidate Thomas Simmons

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The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Denounces Bigotry and Violence on Boston Common


Brandon Ahlgrim


The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Denounces Bigotry and Violence on Boston Common

Boston, MA - August 16th, 2017 - The tensions between political extremist groups, like those present at the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville, have come to a flashpoint. Picking a side in a political theatre where actors routinely employ violence against each other is a foolish venture destined for failure. These extremists use violence in their attempts to suppress free speech, regardless of whether they lean right or left. Support for either side will only lead to escalating violence.

The choice between one street hooligan over another is not unlike the antics of major party politics. Given the choice between the “Left” and the “Right”, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and its members choose freedom. Only through freedom, opportunity, and peace can the people of the Commonwealth pursue prosperity.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts categorically rejects racially motivated bigotry while at the same time supports the rights of all citizens to openly and peaceably express their opinions in the realm of public discourse. There will always be those who hold repugnant views, but we must always embrace freedom of expression and allow the marketplace of ideas to drown out hate and bigotry.

In advance of the Boston Free Speech Rally tentatively taking place on the Boston Common August 19th, The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts denounces the planned violent demonstrations by both the White Nationalists and AntiFa groups.


The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts is the Commonwealth’s third-oldest political party and is committed to defending all the rights of every citizen in the Commonwealth, all of the time.

Visit our website at http://www.lpmass.org to learn more. 

Local Groups, Local Issues

The Massachusetts LP has as one of its priorities this year to start up local groups all over the state, and I think that is a good thing. 

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A big weird tent

For newcomers to the party, the "big tent" formed by libertarian principles can seem pretty strange, especially compared to the old political divisions. The major parties are simple. You are either a lefty liberal or a conservative on the right. After of decades of conditioning, for many voters, the labels practically apply themselves and people continually act out their role in defeating the other. Even when they both actually want the exact same things.

With libertarians, there is a mix of conservative gun ownership and liberal non-interventionist peacemaking, liberal drug laws and fiscal conservatism. Across just about every issue our principles break the molds used by most Americans to size one another up. So by conventional standards libertarianism is just plain weird, but if you are honestly objective, it is also the most rational.

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Massachusetts Liberty


What is the true state of liberty in our society today? The most honest answer is, "it depends."

Whether along economic, social, or political lines, for a select few the freedom to do whatever one pleases is almost without limit. For most of us, however, freedoms are being eroded more and more with each passing day. As the newly appointed Executive Director, I need to know what you think the Massachusetts Libertarian Party can do to help reverse this trend. What does homegrown liberty look like to you?

Regardless of past political affiliations—independent, republican, democrat, or libertarian—as citizens we all know that our nation is capable of so much more. The desire to make America great again is real, but what makes America great is not one group having the authority to impose its will upon others. What makes America great is the balance of authority that protects liberty for everyone equally. Instead of a government that is the guardian of liberty, we have let it become the instrument of those in power. That is why I believe the Libertarian Party—the party of principle—is crucial to restoring liberty in Massachusetts and across the nation. By taking away the majority from both parities, we can become the fulcrum upon which balance is restored.

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